Founded in 2004, Irri-Altal is an Israeli company specialized in providing irrigation & water systems to clients all over the globe. It offers integrated solutions for cannabis growers – detailed engineered plans of the equipment, for the facility as well as on field, based on growth conditions, restrictions and the grower’s needs.

Water Ways Technologies 

The company designs, supplies, installs & offers maintenance services for irrigation systems in various agricultural and aquaculture operations. Water Ways Technologies offer technological solutions what enable cultivators to take more intelligent, data-driven decisions, as well as reduce time-consuming processes.


ProPharma a multi-disciplinary design, construction and consultancy company specializing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and technology.

Aloni Haft Investment Banking

Aloni haft investment banking LTD is a boutique investment banking advisory firm.
Their goal is to enable companies in all types of business to grow worldwide. Aloni-haft are part of the Aloni-Haft Group, Israel’s top tier financial advisory firm. Founded in 2005, Aloni haft provides services to multitude companies worldwide, empowering them towards success.


We focus on startup projects in their different phases, as well as in companies in reconversion stage. We have a professional team that allows us to order, enhance and achieve their development. We work with both entrepreneurs and investors.